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10 Twitter Image Facts

Happy Birthday Twitter!  Here are some Twitter image memories, links, hints and facts about visuals on one of our favourite social media channels.

  1.  This ultimate selfie reached 779,295 retweets within approximately half an hour [see how HERE] …

…beating a record previously held by the US president [again, see HERE for how that happened!]..

2.  The digital confusion around copyright and sharing on social media continues.  It remains the case that an image is owned by the person that took the photograph unless they revoke that right.  So retweet away but do watch out for ‘scraping’ images from a Twitter feed – take the same precautions as you would normally take.  Here’s an interesting article from MASHABLE.

3.  The Big Picture hosts a wonderful stream of images on their feed.  Three times a week, 3 incredibly experienced Picture Editors in Boston post what they feel are the most inspiring, newsworthy photographs about news from around the world – one to follow.

4.  Did you know you can post GIFs on Twitter and even access Twitter’s stock of them (click the GIF label as below when creating a tweet)?  If this is your business feed, please do be wary of stock GIFs as much as stock images, but you never know, there may be something that works for you (and your business)!

gifs twitter image

5.  Humans of New York continues to inspire with its simple approach.  Professional photographer Brandon takes portraits of people and writes about their stories.  Incredibly powerful stuff and its popularity demonstrates the need we all have to connect with each other.

humans humans twitter imagehumans

6.  How you post an image on Twitter is really important,  How often do you bother to click an external link (i.e. Facebook or Instagram) to see a photo?  Your followers won’t either!  According to marketing scientist Dan Zarrella, tweets with Instagram links are 42% less likely to be retweeted.

7.  One workaround for posting from Instagram to Twitter automatically is using the ‘If This Then That’ app – here is a recipe to try our.  Whenever you automate, however, just be wary of tone of voice and how this varies from stream to stream.

twitter image itty


8.  BUM ALERT!  Shy Kim Kardashian (no I don’t really know why she is famous either) seems to enjoy trying to #breaktheinternet. The hilarious (mostly) editing of that particularly infamous photo certainly helped.

9.  Twitter has changed it’s own logo over the years on numerous occasions, this article by The Next Web shows you a timeline.

10.  Images can be bad!  Ok so in this instance it is arguably the actual product that is a tad misguided.  However, images that sparked the social media furore were removed fairly quickly!

Instagram flew past Twitter in the popularity stakes last year, when its followers zipped over the 400 million mark.  Photographs are so important to us humans – let us help you access their power in your marketing.

GlanceEasy fashion shoot Brighton. Pictured: Alana Gladwell, owner speaking to Susi Doherty, Vervate. Please Credit - Simon Dack / Vervate 01273 275162 0797 3677 017


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