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The Value of Your Individual Story

I sometimes have the glamorous job of accompanying a photographer on a commission and looking after equipment or holding a flash at a certain angle. From the time I cleaned the toilets at our launch event venue, I always love getting out there and getting stuck in so I really enjoy these opportunities. If you think about it, things are getting more glamorous.

Saturday 21st March was one such occasion. The British Red Cross were holding their annual conference at the Brighton Centre . This venue is notorious for having its ‘dark’ spots and on top of that, this event would be packed with volunteers and staff from all over the country. I was called upon to deliver possible flash holding and lots of definite bag holding duties. Brilliant though, I get to go along and learn more about an amazing organisation.

So there I am, guarding said equipment whilst the photographer got busy. I sat in the reception area basically holding court with whoever will talk to me. I met some incredibly interesting and friendly people. All of a sudden I noticed a right old kafuffle at the table with the event bags on. In her enthusiasm to help, an older lady had arrived and knocked lots of the bags off the table – accidentally tipping all the contents onto the floor. Sticks of rock were muddled with free pens and a variety of leaflets. The more she tried to clean it up the worse it seemed to get. Bad times.Lovely Red Cross Ladies with their story

I loaded myself up like a donkey with my charge and went to her aid. She was in a bit of a flustered state, so we sat down for a bit and tried to make sense of the pile of freebies before us. After a while she started to tell me about herself. She had worked hard as a volunteer for the British Red Cross for 30 years in Hastings. She really needed to retire but was struggling with the thought of it. After half an hour or so, off she went to get stuck in to the day (with my warning to stay away from the bags!). Here’s a picture I took of her and her friend: People are all unique and fascinating in their own right. They have their own experiences and struggles and dreams. I know, you already know that – but it doesn’t do any harm to remind ourselves of it. Our customers are individuals.

Give us a shout if you would like or need to talk to a company of people that will focus on you as an individual.


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