Warning! Images can damage your business

Visual Marketing

Four ways images can turn prospective new clients right off:


1. They can’t trust you

You say you are approachable and friendly but they can’t see your faces. The only images on your website look like they are of American models pretending to be happy robots in an office (and they are on a million other websites too).

You say you are professional but there’s just a picture of your office from the road by the Exec’s PA who got lumbered with the marketing.

You say your products are the best around but your pictures are so small no-one can see what they are.


Images: 6 smiling staff members smile at the camera in a pretend office shot. Photographers in Brighton Visual Marketing


2. They think you look like you are on holiday all the time

You thought it would be fun and good for staff morale if you asked them to bring in a picture of themselves for the website.  They are all different sizes, some are blurry, Matt in Accounts looks drunk and Jenny in Customer Services has a bikini on.


Images: Man dressed as a Mexican with drink and a chilli. Photographers in Brighton Visual Marketing


3. They think you don’t care

In a world of competitors and tricky markets, they want to see you care about their custom. Your photos look like they have been thrown up on your social media and website with a fair amount of ‘devil may care’ attitude. Your competitor has shiny photos that tell a story, and draw them in.


4. They literally cannot be arsed to read your War in Peace website

They really want what you have to offer so head straight on in to your website. They lose the will to live after 1 minute of reading about how great you are. They don’t want a lengthy description, they just want to see it and buy it.


The other side of the coin

Understanding how to take better images, to source good ones that work for your business instead of undermining it, is something we work with clients to do all the time.

We take photographs for companies when it makes sense to do so, in a way that works for them as individuals.

We are a safe space where experience of ensuring business’s look beautiful and grow is part of our DNA.


Images: Susi Doherty of Vervate smiles to camera. Photographers in Brighton Visual Marketing

Photograph by Simon Dack

Tell Susi, Creative Director here, why you are struggling with your visuals and she will give you some ideas to revolutionise your marketing.















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