Portraits of Clare Please Credit - Simon Dack / Vervate www.vervate.com

We have worked with Clare, owner of Bonce PR Ltd, for a few years now, mostly covering commissions for Camelot in relation to Lottery winners in the South East.  There are specific branding guidelines of course, and we have worked hard to make sure these are met.  We no know exactly what we need to do to get what she needs us to capture in the photographs.

The commissions are great fun, as of course those big cheques are generally always going to raise some big smiles from the recipients.  The champagne also helps!

I recently received an email from Clare that also brought a large smile to my face, “..can I say again how fabulous the shots were from Monday. Absolutely cracking, my only complaint to Simon was that it made it really difficult to pick a shortlist! Client was equally happy with the shots so big thumbs up for Vervate.

Thanks super Susi. You have this service thing and keeping clients happy totally sussed!”


Brighton policeman Stuart Block and his beloved labrador Harry celebrate after winning £59,128 on the National Lottery. Please credit VERVATE


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