Repurposing visual content

Some tips on how valuable it is to repurpose your old visual content – and some ideas about how to do it.

Why spend money?

Looking at why it’s important to spending resource on showcasing you business with visual content.

Optimise Visual Content

Small child arms outstretched to illustrate the wizardry of optimising photographs

Optimise visual content No Title No Description This article is intended to be a simple, practical and easily accessible guide for marketers on ho two optimise visual content.   Why is optimising photographs for marketing beneficial? Using visuals in your marketing is vital as an effective, vibrant and speedy way to draw people to your message.  I […]

Marketers: 6 tips to find and use the right photos

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Marketers: 6 tips to find and use the right photos Pic Credit:  Canva Pro Written by Susi Doherty Updated: February 2020 If you use photographs in marketing, then this article is especially for you. Eyetracking studies note how vital it is to have the right visuals on your websites and that “Image quality is a significant factor […]