Underpinning regulation: Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974.


Commissioning Client Responsibility

Vervate works to ensure that all commissioning companies have up to date Health and Safety Policies.  We require that they undertake risk assessments of locations and that Vervate photographers at those locations are covered by these.  Our photographers will be intrinsically in their care and responsibility.


Vervate Responsibility 

To act within good practice, safe and healthy working conditions.

To ensure that all equipment is safe to use and precautions taken in public places with any equipment or resource required on location.

To will work in a safe manner to prevent accidents to ourselves and others.

All office work to be conducted using safe office equipment and with concern to all aspects of the Act

Photographers and office staff to transport themselves safely

Photographers to provide adequate and sufficient information, instruction and advice to any others on location

To update this Policy annually but to review quarterly at quality meetings

To ensure that all photographers have up to date Public Liability Insurance

Reviewed:  1st March 2016

Next review date:  1st August 2016

REVIEW TARGETS for 2017:  To continue to make the Policy more specific and review against any new regulations – giving particular note to any Brexit changes.

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