These are just some of the charities that we’ve worked with, so you know you’re in safe hands:

Supporting charities to make a difference.

Free yourself up to focus on the attracting more supporters and funding with help from us:

  • creative ideas about what you need 
  • visual assets for campaigns and fundraising events
  • short video
  • expertise in the local area and contacts
  • exclusive licensing

Save money: use the resources and assets you have already and make them work harder:  


  • mobile creation of photos and videos for social media
  • making the most of your photography assets
  • sourcing free images
  • how to use Canva Pro 


  • regular unique visual content
  • editing your pictures and raw video footage into new useful content
  • sorting your images into a searchable system
  • creating new designs from old assets


What our client partners value:

Sensitivity and flexibility.
Bringing a wealth of local knowledge and enthusiasm..
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Fundraise & Promote!
Reduced charity rates and sensitive service.

Other clients include:

Fundraise & Promote!
Reduced charity rates and sensitive service.