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Picture above:  Simon, Susi and Liz (l-r) at the launch of the Snailspace campaign, 2019.

Our story


Established in 2011, and calling ourselves Brighton Togs, we initially specialised in PR and media photography simply because we were composed of award winning press photographers.  FYI – Togs is the media industry term for a photographer.  We were often asked in the early days if we sold clothes or quilts!



As we grew, we began to recognise the experiences and skills we had were also invaluable for businesses and charities.  So, Susi as the Creative Director has loads of experience in project, event management and marketing.  The photographers are very confident at setting up the right shots to tell a specific story.  We are all also people-centred, so that informal and friendly approach we naturally have as individuals carried on to be very much a company ethos.  We are proud of what we do.  We work with a huge range of clients from a diverse range of sectors.  One day a photographer may be up a crane in Leeds, another with DJ Fatboy Slim.  One day we may be videoing at a roadside with a local Councillor, another we will be in full Pride mode with retailers at a shopping centre.


Like all good businesses, we continue to morph as the need for photography and our skillset changes.  We now offer short videos, but the most significant development has been a changing role for Susi.  She now focuses on empowering all kinds of organisations to find the right visuals for their stories.  Visual content marketing is growing at an extraordinary pace, so we are now placing ourselves as the people to go to for support with that.  Practical, approachable and flexible – again, it feels like a natural next step all fuelled by what our clients ask for.


Brighton Tog logo with writing round the edge announcing a rebrand to Vervate

Our faces

Susi Vervate on Brighton seafront

Susi Doherty

Creative & Production Director

Usually the person that will arrange your booking and help with any creative, logistical or technical issues.  Proper friendly and always goes the extra mile. Generally available for gin (esp Brighton Gin).


Liz Finlayson with a cup

Liz Finlayson

Senior Photographer & Videographer

A partner in the business she works with most of our clients.  She is incredibly versatile and a very experienced pair of hands.  Generally available for a Wagamama (other restaurants are also available obvs).


Simon Dack

Senior Photographer

Here from the start (of the company, not creation).  An intrinsic part of our team he has won numerous press awards and also freelances. Generally available for a seafood platter and a beer. 


Sam Stephenson

Freelance Photographer

Sam is a joy to be around, a wonderful photographer and has boundless energy despite having 3 little kids.  I would say generally available for wedding photography but he is actually very booked up.


Hannah Brackenbury

Freelance Photographer

A great photographer who always has a smile on her face.  She is also a rising star in the comedy circuit.  Generally available with a mic and a musical instrument if not a camera.

Supporting charities & community

We are a very social and caring lot, with a ‘get stuck in’ kind of attitude.

As well as offering charity discounts, we give our expertise for free to a charity each year.


Refugee Support Europe Logo

More details to follow here, we’ve just been talking to these two brilliant charities to find out how we can best help.  Please do click on the logos to see who they are.  Proper brilliant.

More details to follow here, we’ve just been talking to these two brilliant charities to find out how we can best help.  Please do click on the logos to see who they are.  Proper brilliant.

Refugee Support Europe has been our charity of the year since early 2017.  John Sloan and Brighton businessman Paul Hutchings founded Refugee Support in April 2016 to support the refugees in Greece and across Europe.  They now work specifically in Cyprus.

We produce their monthly newsletter,  please do sign up HERE.

Previously, we have also worked with a range of other amazing charities: 

To demonstrate Pedal People are a client

Working with Pedal People – a wonderful local charity whereby volunteer cycle pilots ride out together with elder care homes residents – so they can feel the wind in their hair.  We are really looking forward to providing them with a great set of imagery that really does them justice.

Held  a free workshop in conjunction with SEA PR for charities.  We trained people from 20 different local charities to take and edit great footage – both photographs and video – on their mobiles as well as how to use imagery to win media coverage.  Great fun.

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