Assignation of Copyright

‘VERVATE” refers to Vervate Ltd and the commissioned photographers for a ‘client’

‘Client’ refers to an individual or company that has a written agreement for ‘Vervate’ services

This Assignation is in accordance with Vervate’s Terms & Conditions & Privacy and Security Policy


This Assignation of Copyright entitles the ‘client’ full copyright ownership of all agreed images from an individual commission.

VERVATE revokes the legal right to automatic ownership of images on any individual commission as specified in the Brief Agreement for said commission and transfers copyright ownership to the ‘client’

Vervate will not store any images from said individual commission.  Once the ‘client’ has received the images, they have full responsibility for their storage and usage.

The following conditions apply:

  • ‘Clients’ refers to clients that have commissioned VERVATE directly
  • Clients must have paid their invoice in full within the terms of VERVATE payment conditions.

GDPR Terminology

In terms of the EU GDPR legislation, from May 25th 2018:

All clients of Vervate’s are termed as ‘Controllers’ and have the responsibilities as such.

Vervate are termed as the ‘Processors’ and have the responsibilities as such.

All Controllers can request Vervate’s documentation around how we are meeting our GDPR requirements as processors.