Finding you visual voice in a crowded market

Written by Vicky King, Plus Accounting

Five years ago Feist Hedgethorne decided to rebrand as Plus Accounting. We decided it was time for a change and felt that in order to stand out from the crowd we needed to communicate our key message, ‘that we have a genuine interest in your business’.

 As a firm, we take time to understand what is important to you and our new branding and website needed to reflect this.   Rebranding is a long and sometimes stressful process but we knew that working with the right people would ensure that the process was instead efficient and fun!

Having met with Vervate at a number of networking events, their ‘can do’ attitude was something that we knew would fit with ours and during our first meeting, Susi really got what we were trying to achieve. They took the time to understand the reason behind the rebrand, where we wanted to go, what we wanted to achieve and what was really meant by ‘having a genuine interest in your business’!

The aim of the project with Vervate was to showcase our range of clients and really emphasise the fact that we have an invested interest in them. We put together a plan with the directors and clients to attend various client locations over a 2 day period. Both clients and directors ended up really enjoying their photo shoots and felt really comfortable in front of the camera! The guidance and advice given by Vervate was extremely important and we think that this is reflected in the images used.

These images are featured not only on our website homepage but also as detailed client testimonials, allowing the images to sit alongside a case study of how Plus Accounting has supported their business. We also use a number of these client images in our social media posts as they provide a great insight into how the firm wishes to do business. Having a stock library that is personal to your business is extremely effective and with visual content being so important now, having your own style goes a long way to helping you stand out.

As soon as this project was live, both clients and staff felt that it truly portrayed the firm and completely met our initial objectives. The project was deemed a success and we think it is a testament to this that the images are still visible on the homepage today and we have subsequently added to these as the firm’s client base changes and adapts.

“Clients have commented that they enjoy being part of the firm’s image and it highlights their services to other Plus Accounting clients.”

In order to highlight the firm’s niche areas, we will continue to update the homepage with new images and we feel it is a powerful tool to continuously update our client testimonial area. It provides a great platform for us to highlight our successes and for our clients to showcase theirs.

We have developed a strong working partnership with Vervate and continue to collaborate with them on other projects, such as our individual profile images on the website. We feel it is important to work with businesses that truly understand you and your ambitions and Vervate do just that. They are not just great photographers but a full Visual Agency. They have worked with us to ensure we are getting the best from our images and we are looking forward to our next project together!

Article written by Victoria KingMarketing Manager at Plus Accounting




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